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Parent’s Thoughts about Crozet PlaySchool



“Our son is an imaginative and creative little boy who, at four years old, is reading and writing. Because he is already “ready for kindergarten,” in an academic sense, we had a specific interest in the type of preschool that we wanted him enrolled–one that would do more than just provide him with a “Letter of the Week” style of curriculum. We were looking for a preschool that would nurture his imagination and allow for his development of social relationships and self-confidence, while stretching his curiosity and his problem-solving skills. Most importantly, we wanted to find a preschool and a teacher that he would love. We found that in Crozet PlaySchool.”

~Sarah H. mom of three

“I was not quite sure what to expect when I first visited Crozet Playschool, but what my family found there was more than we could have ever hoped for…a loving environment within which Clare has encouraged my middle daughter to become a leader, take risks, explore all avenues of learning, and, most of all, have fun while doing it. This year has truly prepared her, both socially and academically, for success when she enters kindergarten in the fall. We consider ourselves blessed to have been a part of this school during its inaugural year, and have realized how sad the day will be when we no longer drop our daughter there for three mornings each week.”

~Erin T. mom of three

“As a new family in the Crozet community we feel incredibly fortunate to have found Crozet Playschool. We were looking for a place our child could make friends while continuing to learn new things in a warm and loving atmosphere. We definitely found it!!! My child looks forward to his “preschool mornings” and shares all of the new things he learns with our entire family (often over a facetime video call to his Grandparents). It is very evident that the open ended activities that are presented to the children are very well thought out and quality materials are used. Ms Clare clearly knows child development. She has a knack for classroom set-up and presents materials in a way that intrigues the children in multiple ways. I can’t say enough good things about our experience with Crozet Playschool.”

~Jessie C. mom of two

Parents Thoughts about Clare Winn: Crozet PlaySchool’s Lead Teacher

“Clare is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher who is committed to her students and their families. We were drawn to Crozet PlaySchool initially because of Clare’s emphasis, not just on the “academics” of preschool but, more importantly, the development of the child’s relationship-building, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills through creative pretend play. Clare has created a space and an environment where her students are engaged, thoughtful, and happy.

One of Clare’s biggest strengths, and what separates her from so many other preschool teachers and programs, is her communication with her students’ families. Between social media and her blog, Clare keeps parents informed, not only of what the kids have been up to in school that week, but of ways we can support their learning at home. She offers suggestions for ways that we can bring the best parts of preschool home (through sensory play activities, songs to sing together, favorite books to share, etc.) so that we can truly feel as though we are a part of school and that school is a part of our family.

Clare is a gifted teacher. We are so very lucky to have found her school for our son, and look forward to continuing our relationship once our daughter is ready for preschool.”

~Sarah H. mom of three

“Crozet Playschool has not only provided a nurturing environment for our four year old daughter, but Clare has become an invaluable resource for information on encouraging the learning process and always keeping our daughter striving for the next level of success! She truly provides more than the average “preschool” environment, and genuinely cares about all of the children in her care. Clare encourages learning through daily routines, sensory play, and early math and reading skill activities. Her techniques with the different ages of children that she works with are extremely effective, and her calm manner produces children who have a desire to learn more each day that they attend her school.
My daughter will enter Kindergarten in the fall, and my husband and I are confident that she will be placed with the children who are at the top of the class due to the wonderful foundation and head start that Clare has provided her through Crozet Playschool. We are so thankful to have been a part of this wonderful school, and know that our daughter will reap the rewards for years to come.”

~Erin T. mom of three

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