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Loose Parts Play



This week I got a large tray, added black paper to the background, and then added a large helping of Epsom Salt.  the children then used a paintbrush to draw their names or favorite letters in the salt.  Epsom Salt is great for this activity because it is nice and thick, and stays put after they moved it around on the tray.

Each child had a visual example of their name either in all Uppercase letters if they are just learning their letters, or Uppercase and Lowercase letters if they are ready to incorporate upper and lowercase.  I also included some examples of our favorite words “Mom” and “Dad” which is great for every child to learn after they have mastered their name!



We also worked with Bristle Blocks on our other table this week…IMG_2215.JPG

Some of our friends got a chance to do some glue and salt painting.  We didn’t to everyone, but next week everyone will have a chance at this fun painting process art.


I got caught up in Yoga this week, but finally captured some pictures of the children relaxing in their Savasanah…


At the end of yoga this week Mrs. Kay lead us through a fruit meditation.  Each child got one clementine and we thanked the Earth, rain, and sun for growing the fruit and bringing it to us.  It was a wonderful way to be mindful of our food and how it gets all the way to the grocery store.

This week I placed a large assortment of loose parts to add to our play and block areas.  The children got right to work playing, building, and pretending with:

mini led candles

fabric squares

beaded necklaces

wooden place mats

long ribbons

“Loose Part Play” is a unique way to incorporate Reggio Inspired play into your school or home.  Loose parts are simply everyday materials that can be collected and used for alternative purposes through play.  I love loose part play, because there isn’t an intended goal with the pieces.  They can be used in any which way that the child sees fit to become part of their play scene.  They are usually cheap or even throw away materials that get a second life through the classroom!  It really falls under the saying “they liked the box more than the present.”  Children truly see a multitude of possibilities when they play with materials.  They love to imagine one items as something entirely different.  It lets the play continue and grow without limiting it to the parameters of a boxed toy.




Lastly, H and D spent a long time working together create an very in depth Arctic world with the light panel, animal figurines, and colored boxes.




First H had a big plan for the penguins and they were all living on the iceberg.  Then the polar bears joined in the play, but they had to live on the outside edges.  Then D got involved and the scene grew and grew.  I was proud of their collaboration, ideas, ability to share and work together, and continued focus on the project.




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Our Trip to the Post Office!


We had a wonderful walking field trip to the post office last Tuesday!  The snow had finally melted, and the temperatures were warm enough to walk all the way into town with this adorable crew!

In the picture above they are yelling “Post Office” at the corner!


Before we went behind the scenes, the children got to view the drop box for the mail.  A few children brought letters, and dropped them in the mail.  Some of the letters were written to family and even some letters were written to school!  We can’t wait to read them in school when they arrive!


Then we got to go inside the post office, and see all of the action.  The picture below is all of the PO boxes.  D and his Mom searched all around and found their PO Box!


Next we learned about the sorting stations.  Each of our mailmen or women sorts our mail every morning, and then they deliver our mail in the afternoon.  The post office estimates that they deliver to 5,000 houses or units a day!


Our favorite part of the trip was going out back and getting to see where the big packages are delivered!  We even got to ride the lift up and down.


The last part of our tour was learning about the scales and how they weight the packages to be mailed.  I was hoping they liked this part after all of our work with weights and scales this fall!

Then we viewed the different types of stamps you could purchase, and the post office gave us a wonderful book as a souvenir.  All in all it was a fantastic trip!  Thank you for all of the parents that helped out with the children while we were at the post office!


A happy crew walking home:)  I can’t wait for our next adventure!