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Wildrock Adventure


We had the most wonderful field trip this week to the beautiful Wildrock Park.  The views were breathtaking, and we couldn’t have dialed up any more perfect weather!  Our adventure started in the woods, crossing a stream to find the activities that had been prepared for our group.


We had to cross the stream with large rocks and the adventure began!


We were so lucky to have one of our very own Moms as the leader for our field trip. Mrs. Sarah lead one of the stations that was a color hunt into the woods.  The children did a great job finding all of the colors of the rainbow during their nature walk.


One of my favorite activities was a hunt for wooden gnomes.  The kiddos had to look carefully through the woods to find lots of different gnomes for them!  They had so much fun with this, and it would be very simple to set up at home!  Before they left the station, they had the hide the gnomes for the next group.


The #1 station was definitely the “mud kitchen” set up by the stream.  There were boots, pots, pans, spoons, nets, and lots of fun equipment to go digging in the mud!


There were a few other stations that I forgot to capture on camera, but we also loved building fairy houses and going on an animal hike.

Our last stop was a lunch after our morning adventure!  We gathered around the camp fire, and everyone enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful weather.


Thank you Wildrock for the most beautiful outdoor adventures!  We will definitely be back!

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Melting Ice


We have had a lot of stops and starts in the past two weeks!  After a long winter holiday break the children were just settling back into a school routine….then it snowed!  We had a long weekend with school closings and delays.  I thought it would be fun to talk about ice and how it melts.  First we had a big discussion of ice and snow and where it comes from.  Then we talked about why were haven’t been able to come to school these past few days.  Lastly the children hypothesized what they could do to melt the huge ice blocks in the art studio.  They got right to work exploring the materials and seeing how they could free the animals from the ice!


I set up a large table with two blocks of ice, salt, and a variety of watercolors.  They could use small or large water droppers to put the watercolors on the ice.




While the children were working on the ice they discussed a number of different learning topics:

  • how to squeeze the dropper was a BIG topic of discussion!  The dropper takes a lot of coordination, fine motor ability, and hand/eye coordination.  Many children struggled with the droppers, but they were so interested in the ice that they kept with it until they mastered the skill!
  • why was there water on the tray
  • why was the ice changing color
  • how come they could get the animals out of the ice that used to be stuck
  • what was the salt doing to the ice
  • how come the ice started to get holes inside of it
  • and many, many other thoughtful questions and ideas were posed while they were working

You can hear the children discussing some of these ideas in the videos:

For this science experiment, the children then came back to the carpet and drew pictures in their learning journals of the changes to the ice!  I will share some of their drawings next post.

By Friday morning we had melted and refroze our ice all week long, but it still wasn’t completely melted.  So we took the ice outside to see what the warmer temps and some hammers would do to the ice!


Here is the video of the kids with the ice outside:

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Exploring Numbers and Measurement

Sorry for the earlier half of a post! I accidentally hit publish before I was finished with my post!

We have been discussing measurement and along with that numbers as well. This discussion began when we were playing with number towers at morning meeting. The towers looked like this:

Each child would get a tower and try to match it up with the corresponding number. H brought his “lovie” to the meeting and he asked how tall his lamb was in blocks. The children were fasinated with lining up the blocks just right so we could see exactly how tall was Lamb. This lead to our exploration of numbers and measurement.

We measured different items around the room with unifix cubes and then we talked about measurement in the form of weight, bigger, small, heavier, and lighter.

Brittany took some great pictures of us at morning meeting trying out different items in the scale. This also lead to a discussion about numbers and their value. “Are FOUR dice heavier or more than TWO dice?” and on and on..

Of course we had to try the scale out for ourselves in the classroom too!

IMG_1115 IMG_1116

Brittany set up this wonderful provocation with the overhead projector.  She wrote out the numbers on a transparency and then taped a large panel of butcher paper on the wall.  The result was a great deal of writing and collaboration.

H and T are working through how to write on the paper without blocking each other’s letters with their shadows!

IMG_1111  IMG_1132

Then we wrote out our letters in shaving cream on the art room table.  Once we tried out letters we also wrote lines, squiggles, and other shapes.

IMG_1133 IMG_1134

It sure was messy, but VERY fun!  Happy Counting!IMG_1135