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It’s Getting Spoooooky in Here

Halloween is right around the corner and we have been enjoying lots of silly and fun Halloween themed books and activities.  I have tried to weave in a number of activities using acorns, leaves, and pumpkins while also having fun with all of the Halloween excitement!

Preschool Science:

Pumpkin and Acorn Investigations

Before heading to our field trip last week we discussed pumpkins, their life cycle, and studied in detail our own ‘classroom pumpkin.’


After reading many books about pumpkins we discussed the life cycle of the pumpkin, and the children put in order life cycle cards as a group.

We Modge Podged pumpkins with pieces of tissue paper.  They chose a pumpkin, put glue on the pumpkin, and then carefully glued a small piece of tissue paper on top of the glued area.  It was a delicate art task, and they did a beautiful job!  Each of the pumpkins turned out very unique!







We are still in the process of completed a class Pumpkin Investigation!  More details on that coming soon!

Preschool Literacy:

Last week we read this silly story, “Where’s My Mummy?”  The children thought it was so funny that the Mummy was scared of a teeny, tiny mouse after seeing all of the other Halloween creatures creeping around at night.


After this story we made these toilet paper mummies:

The children have also loved this Halloween Parody of “Goodnight Moon”


Another Halloween favorite is “Room on the Broom”


“Big Pumpkin” is another holiday favorite!  Each of the Halloween characters tries to pull the pumpkin, but can’t do it.  Of course the tiny bat has a great idea to work together, and they pull the pumpkin off of the vine!


You can usually find one or two students at any point in the morning reading some of the many books found around the classroom:


I pulled out the architecture blocks on our platform.  For a special Halloween addition, I added small Halloween creepy, crawlers.  Children worked together to build detailed “haunted houses.”



IMG_9074.JPGIMG_9076 2.JPGIMG_9075.JPG

Sensory Play:

We have had a lot of opportunities to get our hands dirty with Halloween sensory play!  They came into the classroom last week to find our sensory tub filled to the brim with black beans, and lots of fun Halloween items to explore!


Today the children got to make Oobleck with me for the first time!  This sensory recipe is always tricky for me to perfect!  It is a simple combination of cornstarch and water.  But, the combination has to be just right to get the solid/liquid/sticky/drippy substance just right.  If you want to make this at home, here is a link to Fun at Home with Kids.  She has a great recipe for it!

We made one tray of purple and one tray of black oobleck.  We were able to get the combo just right, and it was super, slimy fun!


Preschool Math:

We have been working on our counting, one to one correspondence, and using objects in our to count with every day!


We used the acorns we collected to practice our counting outside on the blacktop!  Some children worked by themselves, and other children worked as a team!IMG_9066.JPGIMG_9068.JPG


IMG_9072 2.JPG

I’m proud of their progress!


We have also counted pumpkin gems on the light panels.  We used the dry erase markers, and they have worked on writing their numbers next to each circle.


Field Trip:

Last Thursday our class all went together to a local farm for a field trip!  To prepare for our field trip, I pulled out my giant barn, barn animals, and a tray of oatmeal for the pumpkin patch.


There was a lot of pretend play around the barn, and this led to discussions about what we were going to see and do at the pumpkin patch!

We had a fabulous trip the pumpkin patch, despite the heat!  We learned about pumpkins…





Slide down the slides into a giant corn pit…


Played in the corn pit…


Went on a hay ride to visit the cows…


And we even attempted a super long corn maze…


All in all it was successful first field trip!  What a busy month, with more fun things right around the corner!






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Life on the Farm


We had a awesome field trip today to a local farm!  It was quite a muddy adventure after the weeks and weeks of rain we have had, but we wore our boots and toughed it out.


We started our tour by getting a show from the two turkeys that live on the farm.  They followed us around on our whole field trip and were part of our class by the end of the trip. Some of the children did not like their funny features and sounds, but some of the little kids surprised me how much they liked the turkeys!




Our next stop was as tour of the green house or the “hoop house.” We got peel back and open some kale seeds, and smell some fresh garlic that was curing.


Our next stop was the chicken coop.  The children got to hold the chicks and also go inside the chicken coop to collect some fresh eggs.




We also got to view the meat producing chickens, and see how they move around their coops throughout the farm.


Our next stop was the outdoor garden!  There were so many plants to look at, but we first found a bunch of ladybugs.


Farmer Marisa also pulled up a teeny tiny carrot!


C loved seeing, holding, and smelling the vegetables!  He looks like a true chef!


What did you find A?




We made some wishes at the weeping willow tree, and met Farmer Tom who runs the farm!


Then we went to the barn for a quick lesson about the difference between “straw” and “hay” from Farmer Tom.


Then we met some wild and adorable piglets!IMG_5124.jpgIMG_5172.jpgIMG_5130.jpg


After a trip through the woods we found the piglets mama “Penelope!”IMG_5146.jpgIMG_5155.jpg

And then we met her friends “Dolly” and “Lollipop”


Lastly we got to feed Dolly and Lollipop!


We were completely tired and hungry after all that so we had a picnic snack.  We were so lucky to have the clouds finally break for the morning and get to enjoy such a memorable experience!


We will definitely be back again in the years to come!




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Our Trip to the Post Office!


We had a wonderful walking field trip to the post office last Tuesday!  The snow had finally melted, and the temperatures were warm enough to walk all the way into town with this adorable crew!

In the picture above they are yelling “Post Office” at the corner!


Before we went behind the scenes, the children got to view the drop box for the mail.  A few children brought letters, and dropped them in the mail.  Some of the letters were written to family and even some letters were written to school!  We can’t wait to read them in school when they arrive!


Then we got to go inside the post office, and see all of the action.  The picture below is all of the PO boxes.  D and his Mom searched all around and found their PO Box!


Next we learned about the sorting stations.  Each of our mailmen or women sorts our mail every morning, and then they deliver our mail in the afternoon.  The post office estimates that they deliver to 5,000 houses or units a day!


Our favorite part of the trip was going out back and getting to see where the big packages are delivered!  We even got to ride the lift up and down.


The last part of our tour was learning about the scales and how they weight the packages to be mailed.  I was hoping they liked this part after all of our work with weights and scales this fall!

Then we viewed the different types of stamps you could purchase, and the post office gave us a wonderful book as a souvenir.  All in all it was a fantastic trip!  Thank you for all of the parents that helped out with the children while we were at the post office!


A happy crew walking home:)  I can’t wait for our next adventure!


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One for the Record Books!


We were invited to a beautiful farm to see some brand new baby lambs that were just born.  It was a beautiful spring morning, and such a wonderful way to kick off spring.  The picture above was the view from the top of the mountain!  We could see all of Crozet, and even pick out some of our houses!


Claire and D making their way up the mountain.  It was quite a hike for our kids!



Some of the brand new lambs were brand new, and hardly a day old!  Rachel had them behind a fence since they were just born. 


It was amazing to see baby lambs so close and personal!




Then we each got a turn to pet and hold (if we wanted to!) a baby lamb.  This lamb was a few days old, and so much bigger than the babies behind the fence.  We all couldn’t believe how much he had grown in just a short time.





Claire snuggling up with the baby!






Then we walked around the farm and got to see the large mama sheep.  They have such a unique look and so many variations in color. 



Then we played around on a huge pile of manuar…










After another steep climb we made our way to the very top of the mountain.  There was another gorgeous view!  We stopped for some snacks and kite flying.





Group snack time with our friends from Roundhouse Preschool!


Flying kites with little sisters!




All in all it was the best field trip we have had yet!  We learned about lambs and spring and got to enjoy each other and some free time too!  Thank you Rachel for letting us visit your beautiful farm.

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Doctor Knows Best


We have been learning, talking, and reading about the human body for over a month now.  The children have learned about the skeletal system, circulatory system, and some of our major organs.  I haven’t had a chance to share all of the amazing inquiries and investigations we have done on the blog yet…But, I wanted to share a special field trip we took on Monday. 


One of our parents happens to be a local doctor with a family practice.  He invited us in for a visit and let us explore all of his tools!  In the picture above M was the first brave one to let the doctor look down his throat. 


He even let the doctor show how to use the tongue depressor to look really deep down your throat!


Everyone was really nervous about the blood pressure machine, so I broke the ice!



Then E decided it must not be that bad!


Then we went off to test the scales.  Everyone was right around the same weight and height!  Everyone except our littlest peanut M who happens to be our youngest friend.  This brought up some discussion about why she weighed the least and was the shortest!





Some of us gave the eye chart a whirl, and we talked about what happens if you have eye trouble.  Which doctors help us with our eyes and our teeth, etc.!


Then we were all very interested in listening to our hearts and lungs!  Every child participated in this and seemed to loosen up with the doctors.  It was so nice to be in the office without the pressure of shots or being poked and prodded.  I hope this visit will help the children feel safer with their own doctors and know that they are always trying to keep them healthy!


One of their most favorite organ systems was the digestive track ((of course!!))  So we all took part in listening for stomach gurgles.  I love seeing their intently listening faces.



Then we spent a great deal of time looking through the doctor’s anatomy book.  The children were fascinated by the drawings and diagrams.



Overall the visit was such a success!  Other topics the doctor discussed was staying healthy, hand washing, growing bones, healthy habits, exercising and eating, and much more! 


We owe M’s father a big THANK YOU for taking his time out to show us all about his profession.  I know the children have been talking about it all week!

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Explorations in Action

This week we got to go on our second field trip this year!  It was to a beautiful play space in town called Explorations Play Studio.  It is an inviting space filled with sensory play, blocks, and lots of fun items to explore.  The field trip was such a nice change of pace from the classroom, especially since we have been inside A LOT these winter months with snow and below freezing temps.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves…a fun time was had by all!










They played, they built, they explored!!


Hopefully we will have time to squeeze in one more field trip before the end of the year!