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Eggstra Fun!


We had a great time incorporating some Easter themes into our days in April.  Above is a picture of an activity we had out on the light panel.  The children could crack open an egg, find the letter on the Handwriting Without Tears ABC chart.  We have used this chart for various activities throughout the year, so the children are familiar with the organization of the letters.  They enjoyed the cracking of the eggs as much as the letter hunt!

Table Invitations:


One of the art invitation was an egg wrapping station with yarn and poster board egg shapes.  I cut small slits on the edges of the eggs to allow the yarn to hook and wrap.  Then I offered them a variety of colors and scissors for each child to switch colors during their wrapping.  This project encouraged the development of hand-eye coordination.



I made a little “Chick Village” play tray for the children.  They could use the paint brushes to sweep the rice for the chickens, or move the rice to different areas of the tray.  The little wooden frame provided a house area for the Mama and baby chicks to live.  This was a simple set up that provided lots of open ended play.

Easter Themed Play Dough:


We also had a beautiful batch of yellow dough that we added many Easter themed materials to go with it!  The children had cookie cutters, spring gems with flowers, carrot eggs and much more.  They were very creative with their play dough creations!


Process Art:

Egg decorating is one of my favorite activities!  I love to try different techniques each year, and the children are always up for a creative way to sue the art supplies.  The first technique we tried was shaving cream and watercolors.  I will admit this technique was a bit of a bust.  The best eggs were in the first batch.  They truly had a very marbled look to them, but as the children continued to mix the eggs in the cream they lost their marbled look.  This would be a good technique if you just had one or two kids that were dying, but it didn’t lend itself to many kids in the classroom.




Although the puffy shaving cream is always a hit!

The second day we tried a new technique of dripping watercolors onto the eggs.  They turned out beautiful!



These turned out so bright vibrant!  I loved the colors and how they popped on the egg shells!  Squeezing and squirting the liquid watercolors is always a satisfying process for the children too.

Marbled Eggs:


The children had so much fun with the shaving cream, I wanted to do another project with it!  We used the shaving cream to create a marbled technique on card stock!  First I made a layer of shaving cream on tin foil.  Then the children picked the colors they wanted to use to drip acrylic paint onto the shaving cream.  After they swirled the paint in the cream, we pressed the card stock onto the cream.  After it sat on the card stock for a few minutes we scraped it off!  The results were just wonderful!  Unfortunately, I completely forgot to get a picture of the final product:( I know the kids and parents loved them!





IMG_4871.JPGEgg Wrapping:

On a whim I purchased a bunch of paper mache type eggs at Walmart.  Then we added sharpies, washi tape, and scissors to wrap, cut and decorate the eggs.  This was one of the most popular activities, and the children created many eggs throughout the week.  I am sometimes surprised how the simple things are the most fun for the group.



Egg Hunts:

We ended all of our Eggstra Fun with a giant Egg Hunt outside!  Thank you to all of the parents for supplying eggs that were filled with fun treats and surprises!










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Spring is Here!


We had such a fabulous week of school celebrating all things spring and Easter related right before spring break!


The kids really enjoyed dyeing the eggs on Friday before our very first Easter Egg Hunt!  Each child got to choose between dip dyeing their eggs or rolling them in shaving cream and food coloring for a new dyeing technique!  Once the shaving cream had to sit on the eggs for a few hours before wiping it off.  The results were a cool marbled look.


M wanted to dip dye all of her eggs!


The kids had just a great time hunting around the school and outside of our play ground area for lots of Easter Eggs!  The parents each donated a dozen stuffed eggs for each child, so we had plenty of eggs to find!




Sweet D running around and excited about his loot!


Process Art:


We made lots of beautiful Eggstra special Easter art this week too! 


I found this idea for Easter Egg sun catchers from The Artful Parent blog.  She is very creative, and her ideas are so inspiring for incorporating art into your home or classroom. 


My parents donated some beautiful spring flowers that we took apart to place on the contact paper.  We also used tissue paper, and then I helped them use washi tape to outline the edges of the eggs. 





Another window invitation was laid out this past week.  I gave them long piece of contact paper, tissue paper, and a cellophane paper cut into flower shapes and stems.  It was fun to see them get right to work creating spring pictures with the contact paper.




We got a brand new art material and I was so excited to try it out this week!  The picture shows L and L using our new tempera paint cakes!  To use the paint cakes they dipped the paint brushes in water and then swirl them on the color of choice.  The result is a much more vibrant paint than watercolor, and they made the most beautiful eggs!



Of course we added washi tape to the top of our eggs!

The results were stunning!








We received the most stunning floral arrangements from one of our students this past week as well!  I put out paints in all of the beautiful spring colors and the children got right to work.  Their paintings are really evolving as they grow and learn!



I am blown away by their growth and development as we approach the end of this school year!


Happy Spring and Easter to my wonderful students!  I can’t wait to see them again in a few days!