Crozet Play School

Kids at Play in Crozet

About Reggio Emilia

The foundations of the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education are based on the following principles:

 “The Image of the Child is the foundations and building blocks of our preschool.  Children come to school with their own curiosities, interests, and ways of interacting with their environment.

Parents as Partners We believe the role of families and parents are crucial to their development and growth at home and at school.  Parents are always welcome and encouraged as supports in the classroom.

Negotiated Curriculum”  The curriculum is based on a project approach to learning.  The curriculum is opened ended, and flows from teachers questioning and observing children interacting with the classroom. Some of these projects are anticipated by the teacher, but may move in different directions based on the needs of the students.

The Environment is the Third Teacher We care deeply about presently a thoughtful, well-organized, and carefully planned classroom space.  Children are given the opportunity to interact freely with the classroom space at their own pace.  Ongoing projects and documentation of learning is displayed around the room.

The Hundred Languages of Children  We will provide a wide variety of art media, including different paints, sensory play, clay, drawing, collage.  Children are free to express themselves in a wide medium of ways including drawing, sculpture, dramatic play, and writing.

Documentation” Children’s creations, art work, photographs will be displayed in a form of documentation around the classroom.  They will show children’s interests and long term classroom projects.

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