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About Crozet PlaySchool

Founded in 2013, Crozet PlaySchool is a unique home-based preschool started by Clare Winn.  This home setting offers an individualized experience for your preschooler to learn in a safe and loving environment by a teacher trained in Early Childhood Education with many years of classroom experience in the public school system.

Clare holds a BA in Early Childhood Education from Virginia Tech, and a MEd in Education, Curriculum and Instruction.  She was born and raised in Virginia, and has lived in the Charlottesville area since 2005.

About Clare


The Winn family.
Photo taken by Amy Benoit,

Clare Winn started her teaching profession in 2001, and is excited about sharing her love for Early Childhood Development in her own home-based preschool environment.  She began her teaching journey in a deep routed, child based, early childhood program at Virginia Tech State University.  There she spent time working in the infant and toddler rooms and doing undergraduate research in the preschool classrooms of the Reggio Emilia Inspired Virginia Tech Lab School.  After a life changing visit to the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy in the summer of 2000, and Clare knew that her life dream would be bringing this child centered, teacher guided curriculum to her classrooms in the United States.

After graduating with her BA in Early Childhood Education in 2001, she continued at Virginia Tech and received her Masters of the Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction in 2002.  Her career led her on a path of public teaching, ranging in many different ages and abilities.  Clare worked for over 3 years in Fairfax County Public Schools teaching First Grade, Second Grade, and English as a Second Language.  Once she moved to Charlottesville, VA Clare worked as a First Grade Teacher and a PALS Reading Intervention Teacher for Albemarle Public Schools.  She has also worked part time for Charlottesville City Schools as an English as a Second Language Teacher in at K-1 setting.

Clare has been home for six years with her three children, Bradley, Ellie and Grace.  She is enjoying getting to focus on her Early Childhood background and bring her ideas and enthusiasm to Crozet PlaySchool.  Clare enjoys spending time with her family, reading books, sewing, knitting, and all things craft related.

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