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You Can’t Catch Me…I’m the Gingerbread Man!

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We had so much fun this month reading, playing, and listening to many different versions of “The Gingerbread Man.”  I love reading and studying this fairy tale with children.   There are many, many versions of the book from “The Gingerbread Girl” and even “The Gingerbread Cowboy.”

The project pictured above was a gingerbread man made out of puffy paint.  We mixed glue, shaving, cream, and brown paint to make a sticky, puffy paint.  I drew a simple outline for each child, and allowed them to paint within the lines and create their own individual gingerbread man.  Then they stuck buttons and pony beads onto the painting to create his face and buttons.  I love all of the different types of gingerbread men that were created!

Process Art:


Above is A working hard to move her sticky paint over the paper.


We also used a recipe for gingerbread men salt dough ornaments from The Imagination Tree.  This blog always has such great ideas that are simple to implement with children.  Above M is cutting and taking the extra dough off of her gingerbread men!


T above helped some friends make their men that weren’t too interested in working with the dough.  She was a great helper!


Here are our gingerbread men about to go into the oven!. I promised the kids that I wouldn’t open the oven early so their men wouldn’t run away!


We then used paint pen and paint to decorate our gingerbread men in many, many different ways!  We looped a string around the men to be hung on the Christmas tree!



After each different read aloud of “The Gingerbread Man” the class would discuss story parts.  We would break the books down into Beginning, Middle, and Ending.  Their retelling of the story would then be drawn in simple pictures on chart paper for all of the children to view and review later.


We had lots of copies of the original story to listen to it on tape.  This is such a fun activity and the kids were so attentive to the story and when to turn the page.



This is an example of a simple drawing of our beginning, middle and end of “The Gingerbread Cowboy.”


Once we finished most of the books we took our names and voted for our favorite version of “The Gingerbread Man.”  It was a tie between “Gingerbread Baby” and “Gingerbread Friends,” both books are by Jan Brett.  We also categorized the books into two different Endings.  One category was for books with a happy ending, when the gingerbread man/girl didn’t get eaten.  The other category was books that the kids felt had a sad ending when the gingerbread man/girl did get eaten!  They found this ending sad and frightening.  Some children would even hid their eyes when the fox or wolf appeared, and could sense that the book wasn’t going to end well.




IMG_1540 2

Ms. Brittany drew this fabulous large sized Gingerbread Man for our classroom wall.  We took turns measuring each child and seeing if they were taller, shorter, or the exact same height as the gingerbread man!


There were lots of discussions about who was the tallest in the class, and if “I just reach up this high, then I am taller than him!”


Another math activity we did with this theme was a gingerbread man count and color.  They rolled the dice and had to find the corresponding number on their sheet to dot with the paint pen.  They were using dice with dots, so they had to count the dots, and then remember the numeral that represented the number they rolled.  A lot of thinking required for this activity!  Some children worked with another paper that required them to roll two dice and add their numbers together!

Sensory Play:


Lastly, we played and played with this gingerbread gak!  I made a batch of gak but added lots of spices to give it a wonderful scent.  Then I added buttons and cookie cutters to the tray for some fun sensory play.

One thought on “You Can’t Catch Me…I’m the Gingerbread Man!

  1. This is all so cool! I love the way you teach about stories, and I would love to get my hands on that gak myself 🙂 Thank you for sharing the magic of the season with your students!

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