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We are so lucky to have Mrs. Kay visiting us twice a month for yoga!  It is so fun to watch children move their bodies, stretch, and get a chance to try something new.  Mrs. Kay usually uses a picture book to guide our yoga sessions.  The animals or pictures that they encounter in the book become different yoga poses to try.  The picture above shows the children moving their necks side to side like a gorilla.IMG_1576

These next two pictures show everyone stretching their backs on all fours, and making their hand into the Rhino’s tusk.



Yoga is fun!  The picture above is a great action shot of everyone growling like a lion.  You can see Mrs. Kay’s hands on the side showing us just how to do it!  Roooooar!!


Each session we usually try to do many of the same poses as well.  Mrs. Kay always uses the correct yoga term, so they would know what to do if they visited a different yoga class.  Downward dog!


And child’s pose:


Each week Mrs. Kay ends with a relaxation exercise.  We lay still on our mats with the lights off and practice slow breathing.  Then we flex all of our muscles very, very tightly and relax them.  After a few rounds of this Mrs. Kay will give us a calm story to listen to while we relax on our mats.  We have even had some children fall asleep last year!

I love this weekly time with my little yoga kiddies!


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