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Exploring Numbers and Measurement

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Sorry for the earlier half of a post! I accidentally hit publish before I was finished with my post!

We have been discussing measurement and along with that numbers as well. This discussion began when we were playing with number towers at morning meeting. The towers looked like this:

Each child would get a tower and try to match it up with the corresponding number. H brought his “lovie” to the meeting and he asked how tall his lamb was in blocks. The children were fasinated with lining up the blocks just right so we could see exactly how tall was Lamb. This lead to our exploration of numbers and measurement.

We measured different items around the room with unifix cubes and then we talked about measurement in the form of weight, bigger, small, heavier, and lighter.

Brittany took some great pictures of us at morning meeting trying out different items in the scale. This also lead to a discussion about numbers and their value. “Are FOUR dice heavier or more than TWO dice?” and on and on..

Of course we had to try the scale out for ourselves in the classroom too!

IMG_1115 IMG_1116

Brittany set up this wonderful provocation with the overhead projector.  She wrote out the numbers on a transparency and then taped a large panel of butcher paper on the wall.  The result was a great deal of writing and collaboration.

H and T are working through how to write on the paper without blocking each other’s letters with their shadows!

IMG_1111  IMG_1132

Then we wrote out our letters in shaving cream on the art room table.  Once we tried out letters we also wrote lines, squiggles, and other shapes.

IMG_1133 IMG_1134

It sure was messy, but VERY fun!  Happy Counting!IMG_1135

One thought on “Exploring Numbers and Measurement

  1. I love the shaving foam writing idea. I will be sure to try it out with my preschoolers this week. ☺️

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