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Halloween Fun and Halloween Frights

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We have had fun last week exploring the “spooky” and “fun” sides of Halloween. I put some glittery yellow play dough on our light panel for a new sensory experience. I added some spiders and skeletons. It is amazing to watch the children get drawn into the light panel, and play with materials much longer while engaged with the light panel. Below is another view of our play dough set up this week!


Early Literacy:


Click Clack Boo


Where’s My Mummy?


Goodnight Goon


Spider on the Floor


The Women Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything

“The Women Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything” has been one of our favorite books. We have spent time reading it and even acting it out! We are planning an encore performance at our Halloween party! Below is a picture of our play with all of the parts of the scarecrow that the old lady encounters on her walk. Each child got a chance to be a different part of the story and the audience!


Preschool Science:


Last week we decided to carve our “holey” pumpkin! It was getting quite yucky and we found a few moldy spots while we were carving our pumpkin. The molded spots were a big part of the conversation while we were carving the pumpkin. They were very curious about the mold, what was happening, and what would happen to our pumpkin?



T and C drew eyes and a fave on our pumpkin and then I cut it out for them. The Jack o Lantern became part of our awesome pumpkin patch in the dramatic play area.

Dramatic Play:


This is a picture of our new pumpkin patch! I brought out my old puppet theatre, and turned it into a pumpkin stand for buying and selling pumpkins. I also got out the cash register, baskets, real and pretend pumpkins and gourds for purchase!

Sensory Play:


We also had this awesome corn bin outside! The corn is dried and actually from a large bag of squirrel and bird food. The children have been slowly picking the corn off of the cob and then we used all of the kernels for some great sensory play.


I added pots, pans, and utensils to the bin with felt leaves and glittery pumpkins. They have been busy making pumpkin pies, soups, and lots of other fall food!

Process Art:


We made a cool combination of glue + shaving cream + orange liquid watercolors! This produces a puffy paint that dries stiff and fluffy! We pushed foam eyes, nose, and teeth into the glue paint to produce some very creepy jack o lanterns!


Table Invitations:


On the tables this week the children found this week there was a felt jack o lantern puzzle. There are different cards to choose from and once they choose a card they produce the face that matches their card!


Above is M filling in our many pumpkin outlines on the chalk board.  They could color in their pumpkins or draw a jack o lantern face on the outline as well!

I have a few more fun things to share, but for now you can see how busy we have been reading about Halloween and immersing ourselves in fall activities!

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