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What Makes us Unique?

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IMG_0025 (1)

We finished our study of our own uniqueness! This went hand in hand with our beautiful self portrait work that we started the first few weeks of school. You can see more about our initial invitations to look more closely on this blog post about the Developmental Stages of Children’s Drawings.


I laid out this same invitation of the black and white photo with a piece of transparancey paper over the top of the photo. Then I offered the children sharpie paint pens to “color in” the different parts of their faces. It was so interesting to see how they each filled in their picture in unique ways based on their development and understanding of themselves.

Then each child got the chance to create their own paint colors and paint the exterior of a cereal box. Mrs. Brittany worked so hard to cut each box out carefully to create a shadow box for their portrait. Then we put the transparency into the box and glued it together to create a 3D effect for the art work. I found the amazing idea for this project from the MerriCheri blog.

The final portraits were amazing!!

Then the children started talking about their hands, and we decided to take pictures of our hands one morning. Can you find your child’s hands in the following pictures? It is so neat just to see how unique even our hands are from child to child!


We also measured ourselves over the course of a few days, to create this beautiful wall full of our heights. This was a great source of conversation and interest about who is the tallest, shortest, etc.


Lastly, we looked closely at our eyes to see what each of our sets of eyes looked like! With the cut out pictures, some children were even having difficulty finding their eyes on the board.

I also made a “Whose Eyes are These?” book for closely inspection.


In other news we still have been very, very busy building large and complex houses, towers, castles and more.


This is H’s very tall, tall building!


M and C worked over the course of a morning on this intricte castle area.


We have also been digging all of the new loose parts around the classroom. They have turned into treasure, horse food, spaghetti, rocked, stones, and more details for our block building area.


Lastly, I had these cork circles set out with a variety of buttons and gems to create faces and patterns as one of our table invitations last week.


It was extremely popular and you can see the variety and complexity of arrangements that were made on the cork circles. Giving children a defined space to create is enticing for them to explore.. It creates a boundry and they love to fill it in with the different loose parts.


More to come soon! We have been busy!

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