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Above is the simple bubble table I set up for the children outside for the first week of school. There is something amazing about the sensory table. Sensory play brings children together, promotes community, evokes communication and language, and allows for open ended play. Open ended play means there isn’t a goal at the end of the activity. For example a toy with buttons or flashing lights may only serve one or two purposes in play. Once the child has explored those purposes they may move on to other items. The bubble table doesn’t have one specfic goal or outcome. It is meant to be explored. This allows for long, extended play as well as returning to the table over the course of many days to revisit the materials and ideas there. I usually keep my sensory tables the same over the course of two weeks and sometimes longer depending on the interest of the class. We will continue to explore the bubbles this week!

You can see D pouring just the bubbly part of the water onto his hand in the photo above. Pouring is a life skill that takes children lots and lots of time to practice and master (and it is fun too!)

B is using the turkey baster to fill up a measuring cup that is floating around in the table.

M is using the egg beaters to move the water and create more bubbles. The egg beaters also serve as a valuable fine motor tool. She has to hold it up with one hand, and spin it with the other hand working her fine motor skills and her hand/eye coordination.

B is now trying the egg beater, and J is working out how to use and squeeze the turkey baster. This was a new skill for her and we will keep on practicing it!

Just playing around the sensory table the children spent time exploring independently, discussing the water and bubbles, and negotiating the materials to share with each other!

We will probably continue to explore water in some way this upcoming week too! We may add some ice cubes or other new elements to the water to explore!

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