Crozet Play School

Kids at Play in Crozet

Play Happens Here


The first two days of our splendid school year have happened and they were divine! We were quiet, shy, nervous, but ready to do the work of children which is play. There is so much research about the importance of play in childhood, the long term benefits for children, and I will get into that soon enough. For now just know that โ€œPlay Happens Here”

The picture above says it all! This picture was taken within the first two hours of school starting. Just to create this image children had to use these skills; ability to share, negoitate, work together, cooperate, and problem-solve

They represtented different objects, compared, discussed height, gravity, balance, symmetry, cause and effect.

โ€œPlay is the highest form of research. โ€œ ~ Albert Einstein

2 thoughts on “Play Happens Here

  1. Dear Miss Clare, I am so glad to be back in the playschool mode again with you this year. I am Delancey’s grandmother, Edie, and I love being able to follow the activities of my girls through the years. Thank you for taking the time to post their activities. Have a wonderful school year!

  2. Just the excitement in my daughter’s voice as she describes all she did at school is enough to know we’ve placed her someplace important. I do also look forward to your thoughts and the evidence on play and learning. Best wishes!

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