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End of the Year Projects from 2015

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We had a few different projects going on our last few weeks of school! We were finishing up discussing the Solar System, and working on a large scale group project. The picture above shows the final outcome of a few weeks of work by the children! They worked in groups to paint the sun, the Earth, and the moon using different types of paint and paint brushes. The results were outstanding! They even made a solar flare coming off of the sun (on accident). I kept it on there when I cut it apart for the final project. Once our paintings were finished we taped them onto a large piece of black butcher paper. They used white oil pastels to show the moon and the Earth’s orbits. Some of the other students used the oil pastels to label the different planets and stars. They were so proud of the final product and seeing it in such a large scale is always exciting!


Each child also worked on an individual project of the Earth. We got a chance to do paper mache for the first time, and boy was it MESSY! They really loved dipping the strips of newspaper into the flour and water mixture. I learned a few things from this project:
it is great to have an outdoor workspace that can get really messy
we needed a lot more coats of newpaper to withstand all of the paint
I will most likely do a glue and water mixture next time (instead of flour)


The flour seemed to not get as hard as I wanted it to for the final product, and it really broke down when the children painted their Earth. They also love to use a lot of paint! All in all it is about the process and not the product, and I think they really, really liked the process for sure!


We also worked on our numbers and number formation the last few weeks of school too! It was really fun to use the Handwriting With Out Tears program with this topic. They have a lot of great songs and music that the children really enjoyed! Below is a picture of the number three created with the wooden Handwriting pieces, and also drawn in the salt tray. Each child got opportunities to make the number using wood, trace the wooden number, and then write the number again and again in the salt.

1434938110_thumb.jpegI tried to incoorporate a variety of ways to represent numbers. We learned about dice or dot representation for each number, using our fingers, tally marks (with paper/pencil and popsicle sticks), counting by ones, twos, and fives, and simple addition. A few of the students that were really excited about this topic helped me to create a child made number line for the classroom. Each paper has the number, word written out, dot representation, tally marks, and a picture of the fingers that I took on the overhead.


I still have a few more things to share about this past school year and of course our graduation photos. We truly were busy up until the very last day of school!


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