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We were invited to a beautiful farm to see some brand new baby lambs that were just born.  It was a beautiful spring morning, and such a wonderful way to kick off spring.  The picture above was the view from the top of the mountain!  We could see all of Crozet, and even pick out some of our houses!


Claire and D making their way up the mountain.  It was quite a hike for our kids!



Some of the brand new lambs were brand new, and hardly a day old!  Rachel had them behind a fence since they were just born. 


It was amazing to see baby lambs so close and personal!




Then we each got a turn to pet and hold (if we wanted to!) a baby lamb.  This lamb was a few days old, and so much bigger than the babies behind the fence.  We all couldn’t believe how much he had grown in just a short time.





Claire snuggling up with the baby!






Then we walked around the farm and got to see the large mama sheep.  They have such a unique look and so many variations in color. 



Then we played around on a huge pile of manuar…










After another steep climb we made our way to the very top of the mountain.  There was another gorgeous view!  We stopped for some snacks and kite flying.





Group snack time with our friends from Roundhouse Preschool!


Flying kites with little sisters!




All in all it was the best field trip we have had yet!  We learned about lambs and spring and got to enjoy each other and some free time too!  Thank you Rachel for letting us visit your beautiful farm.

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