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For the Love of Loose Parts

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Our love of Magnatiles is just never ending!  The children have built with them flat on the ground, and are now experimenting more and more with taller structures.   


These photos were taken one morning when they were all working together on a number of different buildings in the classroom.  They were actually locking up our large collection of lalaloopsy dolls inside of the Magnatiles.  I love the variety of buildings they created.



Such concentration by L to put on his last piece!




We have been having fun with more loose parts in the classroom too!  I pulled out a new set of Duplos that make cupcakes, ice cream cones, and cakes.  They went right to work making lots of sweets with the Duplos.  I was surprised when the moved the Duplos over to our puppet theatre, and set up their own bakery.  I love when the move the materials around the classroom to create new play spaces.






The train table was recently filled with some new toys and loose parts.  We got a new box of Janod Wild West wooden pieces, a Magic Cabin teepee set filled with Native Americans, and colorful blocks.  These new loose parts created a lot questions about cowboys and Indians and their tools, history, and how they lived.



This isn’t a great picture, but one of the loose parts that the children are drawn to again and again are our mini battery powered tea lights.  This is a little runway strip they made in the family room with the tea lights, blocks, and peg people.



These last series of pictures were from a recent pretend play activity with our unit and hollow blocks.  They were pretending that a tornado was coming to Crozet PlaySchool, and all of the blocks were protecting the house.  L was apparently calling for help and protecting the house at the same time!



They even wanted to protect the ladder going up the stairs!


I love seeing them utilizing all of the loose parts in the classroom.  They are always full of ideas of how they are going to use the materials in the classroom, and I can’t wait to see what they think of next!

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