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Snowmen and Snowflakes

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We have wrapped up our Amazing Alphabet unit a few weeks ago, and then spent the remainder of January discussing snow, snowflakes, and snowmen.  The sensory tubs got a re-do with some fun and new materials!  One of them was filled up with this non-toxic cat litter!  It looked just like snow and ice, and the polar bears fit right in!


Sensory Play:




We also got a brand new tub of “Blizzard in a Box” last week.  The blizzard arrived in a small box containing a powder.  Once you added water to the powder it puffed up to make a snow-like material.  I added some Valentine’s scoops, cupcakes, and ice cream cones.  The kids (and me) couldn’t keep our hands out of this stuff!  I added some fun winter scarves and other winter accessories to make the classroom feel even more chilly!













L and L went to town in our huge sensory tub of snow cloud dough.  Cloud dough is always a favorite, and I added mini snowflakes, beads, and Anna and Elsa for an icy touch!




We finally took off all of the fall leaves from our classroom tree and added snowflakes we made last week along with pulled apart cotton balls to make it look like a wintry tree.


Process Art:




Our new and very large snowflake paper punch was used by everyone in the class!  Simple paper tools provide children with lots of chances to practice fine motor control and build their hand/arm muscles.  They were up to the challenge!




We made snowflakes using the pointillism technique for painting by doting the snowflake lines with a q-tip.





Each child got to make their own shredded paper snowmen, by gluing a large snowman and dripping him with lots and lots of white shredded paper.





We also made some beautiful GIANT snowflakes using extra large coffee filters and our liquid watercolors.  I need to take a picture of them in our windows, they look beautiful!


We tried our hand at a new art technique to make some stained glass snowmen.  We used liquid starch to paint tissue paper onto wax paper.  Once the whole paper was covered they decorated a snowman and glued him on top of their tissue paper.  This was a LONG project for some of the students.  They really had to stick with it to fill up their background, and I was proud of their efforts!



Table Invitations:



One of our fun and new table invitations this year was our snowmen button counting game.  They had to put a hat on their snowmen and then add the correct number of buttons to his belly.  Some children were challenged to add the two hats together to put the total number on his belly!



This picture shows the power of a mixed age group setting.  Little M wasn’t quite sure how to find which mitten was different, but after a few examples with the bigger M she figured it out and then they worked on the rest together!  This was another table invitation last week.




We also had fun playing with our Penguins on the light table again, but this time they were playing inside of blue water beads!


We also made some GIANT snowmen using bits and pieces, large picture faces, and puffy paint!



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