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Giving Thanks in Our Little School

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We kicked off November with lots of new learning trays.  One favorite learning trays was moving mini pumpkin candies from the large tray to a pumpkin muffin tray.  There is something about manipulating candy that is exciting!



We also matched our letters on pumpkins using stickers.




Sensory Play:



One of the fall sensory tables I set up was full of pinto beans, pumpkins, and silk leaves.  To add some excitement to the sensory bin I put the gutter on the side of the table for the children to explore.  They got right to it!  It became a “pumpkin factory” among other things. 




Inside of the classroom I filled up the other sensory tub with dried corn on the cob.  To the corn I added scoops, buckets, jars, cupcake liners, and tweezers.  The children spent a lot of the morning picking these corn cobs apart. 








Play Dough:


We also spent a lot of time making turkeys from our wonderful smelling fall play dough.  They knew just what to do!




Process Art:



We made some beautiful Thanksgiving themed salt dough ornaments. 





We worked on this canvas over a series of days in the classroom.  The first day I sectioned off the canvas into squares, and offered a number of paint choices.  After giving the kids a few days to pain the canvas, then I offered them the crayon melting machine next to the canvas.  They dripped and dropped melted crayon all over the canvas.  The final product was lovely and it is hanging in our art room now!


We used the paint blotters to make some really wild turkeys!


They also made some beautiful Thanksgiving tea lights with handles this year for their Thanksgiving dinner!IMG_6175




After reading  a number of books about the Pilgrims and the Indians and the First Thanksgiving we also made some gorgeous Indian headbands for our mini Thanksgiving Feast!


The children chose to wear their Thanksgiving headbands or their Pilgrim hats to our feast.  We ate pretend popcorn turkeys,  made our own pumpkin fluff (which only D ate), and decorated some Thanksgiving cookies.



Love this little group to pieces! 

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