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Witches, Brews, and Fizzes

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We had so much fun celebrating Halloween this fall!  In between our study of the human body, I tried to squeeze in some spooky Halloween fun.  The purple glittery play dough was a hit.  The addition of witches fingers made the Halloween play dough tray a lot of fun.



After reading the book Ten Timid Ghosts I found this great activity from No Time for Flash Cards blog


First we read the book, and a witch scares the timid ghosts out of their haunted house.  First we matched the numbers on the haunted house to the numbered ghosts hanging on the side. 








Then I put some simple addition facts on the haunted house.  For most of the students this was the first time we have talked about addition and the concept of adding two numbers together.  I laid out little ghost manipulatives, and each child got to come forward and add their ghosts together.  They did a great job counting, adding, and using one to one correspondence when they were counting up their ghosts.





Another fun math activity was our pumpkin counting board.  We matched the correct number of ghosts and pumpkins to our big poster board.



For some sticky fun, I made a batch of gray and blue oobleck on trays in the art room.  The oobleck is a mixture of water, cornstarch, and liquid watercolors.  They had fun using the spoons to mix up the oobleck or their hands!



The trays looked like this at the end of the morning!





We also used lentils, kidney beans, black beans, and coffee beans to make some super spooky “Monster or Witch Hands.”







The weather was still fairly mild the week before Halloween.  I took advantage of the warmer temps and set up a colorful witches brew outside at the sensory table.  I had test tubs, basters, buckets, and lots and lots of colorful water.




We played this over a couple of mornings and it never seemed to get old!



We also made some witch faces!  Each child colored a coffee filter and then sprayed it with water.  Once the coffee filters were dry we glued them onto a paper plate.  Each child added all of the facial features and they even used folding skills to make crinkly or curly hair.



I think the children’s favorite part of Halloween was snack!  Each day I made a set of instructions for them to create their own Halloween themed snack.


I placed the instructions with pictures on the table for the children to follow and make their own snack food.  Of course we don’t usually eat these treats normally, so the children thought this was extra special!







This snack was a pumpkin pudding with crushed Oreos!



Donut spiders!




The kids had fun making some simple stamping crafts.  They made candy corn and stamped ghosts using potato stamps.







The biggest treat was the fizzing spider experiment.  I found this great idea from Fun at Home with Kids.  I made a mixture of baking soda. water, and liquid watercolors.  You form the baking soda into balls and then freeze them until you are ready to use them.  Then I got a large tub and filled it with vinegar.  Each child got to put one spider in at a time and watch their spider fizz and pop.  Leo even had fun exploring the vinegar after the project was done!


Each spider had a plastic spider hidden inside.  They kept calling them their spider babies!




I am hoping to get back on track with my seasons and blog posts soon! 

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