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Although we did spend a majority of our fall talking about the weather and the human body, I tried to squeeze in some special fall activities here and there.  I wanted to share a few pictures of some of our fall sensory, art, and play invitations before the official start of winter (wink, wink). 


Looking at these photos makes me dream about warmer temps so we can be outside again in the morning with our short sleeves on! 


Sensory Play:


The picture above shows a bunch of the students playing with apple cinnamon cloud dough.  I made the dough by combining flour and vegetable oil until it clumps together.  Then I added red powdered paint and cinnamon.  They loved filling up, pouring, and dumping the apples and cupcake liners.


I love seeing all of their hands busy in the cloud dough!




Pumpkin washing was another quick sensory table I set up for the kids this fall!  I put a large tub on the table and filled it with bubbly water, mini pumpkins, scrub brushes, cups, little gems, and other fun fall find to discover in the water.




Art Projects:



This was the first time making window stickers, and they turned out so beautiful!  The children painted the leaves on contact paper using acrylic paints.  They I cut them out and they put them on large pieces of wax paper.  I hung the wax paper onto the windows, and the effect was lovely!






We sewed together some large apples!  I cut out the apples from grocery store bags.  Then they stamped them with red, yellow and green paints.  After their apples dried we sewed them closed and stuff them with stuffing!  I got this idea from Buggy and Buddy.  Another wonderful website!




We made these sweet Jack o Lanterns by drawing a face on an orange sheet of paper.  On the back of the paper I had traced lines for cutting.  They cut the paper and we formed it into a pumpkin and stapled it together!








Learning Trays:



We played “ABC Hunt” with a pumpkin filled to the brim with our magnetic letters.  They dug around inside the pumpkin and pulled out a letter.  Then they marked the letter on their ABC Hunt sheet.  They enjoyed playing this on their own and as a whole group!  Even simple activities such as this makes learning fun and engaging!





As an invitation to create, I laid out fall mini pumpkins and gourds along with pastels and colored pencils.  They had fun drawing pumpkins, or just drawing their own pictures!


On the light table I collected leaves and pressed them between two sheets of wax paper.  I provided metallic and colored paint pens.  I was hoping they would color over the leaves, decorate them, or trace their outlines!  A few of the leaves were transformed and I hung them on the windows.  Not many though, sometimes things just aren’t as enticing as I hope they are!


We had a lot of fun learning trays this fall!  One of the favorite trays was this pumpkin felt matching game.  They matched the pumpkin face to the card.


Another learning tray was this simple bean transfer.  I provided two leaf bowls and they moved the beans over from one to the other using the spoon to scoop and pour.


Another favorite fall learning tray was this googly eyes monster.  They rolled the dice and had to glue on the corresponding number of googly eyes onto the monster.  They decided when they liked the amount of eyes their monster had!



Play Dough and Gak:



Of course we had fun purple, glittery Halloween play dough!  The tray had cookie cutters, pumpkin and ghost gems, spiders, and witches fingers…


I also made a Gak tray this fall using similar materials as the play dough tray! 



Table Invitations:



The children were really drawn to this invitation to pound, hammer, and play.  They wore the goggles and hammered golf tees into a large pumpkin.








On the light table this fall we had a lot of different materials.  Above are our window blocks set up on the light table.  Below I drew the outline of a tree, and the children added the colorful leaf gems to the tree.



We enjoyed a lot of great Halloween themed and fall books.  Below is one of our favorites, and I purchased this felt set from Etsy because the kids loved the book so much last year. 


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