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We have been learning, talking, and reading about the human body for over a month now.  The children have learned about the skeletal system, circulatory system, and some of our major organs.  I haven’t had a chance to share all of the amazing inquiries and investigations we have done on the blog yet…But, I wanted to share a special field trip we took on Monday. 


One of our parents happens to be a local doctor with a family practice.  He invited us in for a visit and let us explore all of his tools!  In the picture above M was the first brave one to let the doctor look down his throat. 


He even let the doctor show how to use the tongue depressor to look really deep down your throat!


Everyone was really nervous about the blood pressure machine, so I broke the ice!



Then E decided it must not be that bad!


Then we went off to test the scales.  Everyone was right around the same weight and height!  Everyone except our littlest peanut M who happens to be our youngest friend.  This brought up some discussion about why she weighed the least and was the shortest!





Some of us gave the eye chart a whirl, and we talked about what happens if you have eye trouble.  Which doctors help us with our eyes and our teeth, etc.!


Then we were all very interested in listening to our hearts and lungs!  Every child participated in this and seemed to loosen up with the doctors.  It was so nice to be in the office without the pressure of shots or being poked and prodded.  I hope this visit will help the children feel safer with their own doctors and know that they are always trying to keep them healthy!


One of their most favorite organ systems was the digestive track ((of course!!))  So we all took part in listening for stomach gurgles.  I love seeing their intently listening faces.



Then we spent a great deal of time looking through the doctor’s anatomy book.  The children were fascinated by the drawings and diagrams.



Overall the visit was such a success!  Other topics the doctor discussed was staying healthy, hand washing, growing bones, healthy habits, exercising and eating, and much more! 


We owe M’s father a big THANK YOU for taking his time out to show us all about his profession.  I know the children have been talking about it all week!

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