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Amazing Water Wall

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Our water wall has been a wonderful addition to our outside time this year. 


I purchased a large sheet of plywood from Lowe’s, and with Chris and Bradley’s help we created the water wall.  The materials are a combination of milk cartons, gutters from Lowe’s, orange juice bottles, and other random trash.  Overall the project cost less than $20!  I would say that is money well spent!



I have noticed that once one child starts playing with the water wall, it quickly becomes a group effort.


“Hey, help me pour some water!”

“You hold your cup on the end and catch my water.”

“Look how fast my water can go!!”

“You’re splashing me!”



I always love to explain the learning that takes place while children are “playing.”  Some of the basic skills being developed while exploring the water wall are:


  1. 1. Cause and effect: If I pour water into this item what will happen? Where will my water end up?


2. Cooperation and Communication skills: Children taking turns, children waiting to pour, children working together to fill up a container at the bottom, watching out for a friend while pouring water.


3. Fine motor and gross motor skills: Scooping, pouring, projecting how much water to gather.  Gross motor skills are developed by using their bodies to scoop, reach, and stretch to the funnel or tube to begin pouring.


4. Math Concepts: Predicting “If I pour water here, where will it end up?”  Volume “What happens when the bucket fills up to the tippy top?” 


I noticed the children working together to try and fill one of the buckets on the bottom over and over again. 


“Help me!  If you pour here, it will go right into this bucket!  We can make it overflow.” 



Another item you might notice is there are a variety of cups to pour from.  They are a variety of sizes for the children to explore with while filling and pouring.



Now that the weather is changing the water wall hasn’t been visited quite as often.  I am going to change the water wall, and bring it inside for exploration.  I am contemplating sand, colored water, beads or marbles as our next avenue for our wall. 


Later this year I would also love to offer different materials for the children to try and create their own water wall using recycled materials.


The possibilities are endless! 




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