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A Sneak Peak

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Sneak Peak One



This year has started off with so much excitement!  As a teacher it is truly special to get to “loop” with a group of children.  Looping is when a teacher works with one group of children over a two year time period.  I was lucky enough to get this experience in Fairfax Public Schools when I looped with a group of first graders into second grade.  It was one of my favorite teaching experiences.


Now I get the chance to do it again this year!  All of my students returned from last year, so they already walked in feeling comfortable with school.  The one difference is both of my groups from last year combined to make one larger group.  This is due to the fact that most of the students this year are in their Pre-K year.  I will be sad to see them all go in May, but I am looking forward to all of the adventures and learning we will do this year. 



Sneak Peak Two


These are just a few of the videos that I captured the first few days of school.  It gives a little peak into our newly changed classroom, and what Crozet PlaySchool is like during the day.  Another great and wonderful change this year has been the addition of a new teacher, Ms. Lori.  Ms. Lori is joining us from Ohio, and has lots of different teaching experiences from around the country (VA to California!).  She has settled right in with the kids, and I know they have warmed right up to her.  We are so lucky to have her (the students and me too!!).


This portion of the morning is a free choice time.  Children are allowed to make their own choices, and move around the room freely playing, learning, and exploring. 


The children are excited about some changes this year in our daily routine. This year they get to serve themselves snack when they feel hungry.  We are still working out the “kinks” for this process, but so far I think they have enjoyed the independence and freedom of choice with this change.  I will write some more about the snack changes and all of the learning that is taking place during snack time later on this month.


I have a lot more to share in the form of pictures and writing, but for now enjoy the videos!

Sneak Peak Three

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