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We have had more below freezing, snowy, windy and just plain yucky days this winter!  More days than I would like to count!  I decided to purchase some items for the children to do in the classroom to get out some energy and to get moving indoors. 


I purchased a large parachute with lots of fun balls and bean bags to make playing that much more fun!


We danced with the parachute, made a “bubble world” by floating the parachute over our heads and sitting inside, we sang our ABCs while walking with our parachute, and much more.  One of the most popular games was called “Popcorn.”  We counted up from 0 to 10 and then popped our popcorn around the classroom.  The laughter and giggles were contagious…

Parachute Play


I hope that this was the last snow of season and we get to play outside more and more! 


It was warm enough the other morning for a long walk around our neighborhood and a visit to the creek.


Cheers to spring! 

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