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I know we are all sick of Halloween, but I have a few more pictures to share about our last few days of Halloween fun from this year! 


Both groups were really interested in spiders when we are playing with all of our Halloween themed items in the classroom.  I dug through my non fiction books and found a treasure trove of great books and pictures of spiders.  I decided to make a spider themed play dough tray with black play dough and glitter.  Behind the play dough tray I opened up one of my larger non-fiction books to information on spiders.  They dove right in making their own spider variations with the dough.


Then K in my younger group walked over to the easels and started to draw a spider on the easel paper.  I had to get a picture of him transferring his ideas to paper.

I was impressed with his version of a spider, even including the eyes! 


Table Invitations to Play:




I also set up some spider themed learning/sensory trays for the kids to look at more closely and view more great spider pictures I found.  On the left is a spider sort, with different colored spiders, pom poms and tongs.  On the right is a spider sifting activity where they sifted the spiders from the rice using a spatula.  This proved to be difficult for many of the students.  We will have to work on our fine motor/sifting skills!




I also added a bunch of spiders to our wonderful orange gak that continued to be a hit in the art room!


For a wonderful fine motor activity the kids ripped construction paper to create their own candy corn collages.


Process Art:



And for a wonderful process art activity we made puffy paint using a mixture of equal parts glue and shaving cream along with orange food coloring to create orange puffy paint.  Once they painted a pumpkin I gave them different shapes for the eyes, nose and mouth to turn their pumpkin into a jack o lantern!


The final product was quite lovely, with a mixture of raised “puffy paint” and sunken in areas that just looked like orange paint. 


I feel it is important to give the children as little direction as possible when they are in the middle of a process art project.  G spent a huge amount of time dipping his paint brush into the gooey paint and swirling it around and around on his paper.  It is more about the process than the final product looking like a perfect pumpkin.


Sensory Tables and Sensory Exploration:



One of my mommies happens to be a special education teacher who is home with her young children.  She purchased this corn from the local farm store, and let us borrow it for two weeks!  Corn and scoops was one of our favorite and most visited sensory tubs.  The simpler the better!  Thank you Jessie!



I changed the Halloween creepy crawler sensory bin just a bit.  I removed the black beans and added a huge collection of water beads.  If you haven’t played with water beads, they are from the floral section of the craft store.  They can shrink in size when out of water, and tend to expand when submerged in water.  Water beads are such a fun sensory tool, they pour, scoop, squish, escape, and the kids loved exploring with them.  They also look really interesting on the light table!


We also made Goop.  Goop is a wonderful, sticky, slimy sensory activity.  It is a combination of cornstarch and water.  I learned the hard way that you only need little bits of water (the first batch turned into soup).  I added some orange liquid watercolors and some of Halloween creepy crawlers to the goop to spark their interest. 


This sensory tub definitely wasn’t a hit with all of the kids, the goop leaves your hands quite messy and many of them shied away from the feeling of the goop.  But, those that liked it spent A LOT of time picking it up and moving it around.  It is really sticky and stretchy…


Goop Recipe:

one container of cornstarch



pour the cornstarch into a bowl.  Slowly begin to add water a little at a time until you have stretchy, slimy mixture.  Too much water and your goop will be soupy, too little water and your goop will be too sticky to pick up.


Add glitter, food coloring, plastic animals or insects, gems, and get dirty!


Some of us really had a ball with it though!



Early Literacy:




For some of our more traditional activities we sang, acted out, and used the Five Little Pumpkins Sitting on the Gate felt board during our song book story time.



We also had parents bring in some fabulous Halloween themed snacks the last week of October.  I didn’t get a picture of all of them, but a special thank you to Jessie, Dina, Lynn, and Jill for making our Halloween week so special.  The kids truly enjoyed and got such a kick out of the snacks. 



Thank you parents for all of your help and donations to make this a wonderful holiday for the kids!

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