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Crozet PlaySchool Vet Clinic is Open!

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Dramatic and pretend play has been an ongoing thread in our classroom.  Children have been dressing up, playing kitchen, having shows and dance parties, acting like good and bad witches, good and bad fairies, and on and on since almost the first week of school.  I have been wanting to extend their dramatic play to other areas and bring about new ideas for their pretend play.


I noticed when the children had been playing in the loft, often times many of them are “sick.”  I also had a large bucket with stuffed animals on the loft and the animals would get “sick” during their play up on the loft.  I thought they would love to have a Veterinary Clinic.  We opened it last week, and the kids jumped right on board with their pretend play. 




They quickly began to administer medicine and of course shots too!   Here P is giving her bunny rabbit a shot.  I gathered up fun supplies from the dollar store such as q-tips, cotton balls, dog collars, food bowls, and leashes.  I added these props to a large bucket of pretend doctor toys that I already had.





The kids would wrap up their animals in scarves to take care of them.  It was so sweet to see how loving they were with their sick animals.  Below M has wrapped up his monkey with bandages on his legs and arms.  P has a whole sheet of paperwork filled out on her teddy bear about his illnesses.  They also got such a kick out the the REAL dog treats that I had found at the dollar store. 



D has all of his animals lined up for inspection.




I think K was just as intrigued by all of the flashlights I included with the doctor supplies. 



The whole area was visited daily by all ages!  I think we will continue to see lots of different pretend play centers emerge this year as their play scripts get more and more advanced.  They are such an exciting group of kids!

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