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A Peak into our Morning Meeting

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On Friday I decided to capture some quick video clips of my M/W/F group having their morning meeting.  We hold morning meeting after everyone has arrived at school.  It always begins with a greeting.  Over the course of the school year I will teach the children lots of different greetings.  Some greetings are songs, little sayings, handshakes or silly movements.  The morning meeting is all part of the responsive classroom program.  It builds community, establishes communication skills, and creates a sense of caring and warmth in the classroom.  Here the children are doing what I call the “Brown Bear Greeting” because it mimics the simple word patterns in the classic Brown Bear book series by Eric Carle.

Following the greeting the children get to do an activity.  I will teach them lots and lots of “activities” over the course of the year as well!  They can be simple songs, hand games, dancing, musical activities, or a group game (such as Simon says).  Often these activities will reinforce a skill we are working on at school and other times they are just fun, unrelated songs and games that build a sense of community.  The activity portion of morning meeting fosters group cohesion and helps students practice social and academic skills.  The kiddos have just finished learning a new activity called “Oliver Twist.”  The beginning of the song is shown in the video above.  The song gets progressively quicker and sillier as shown in the video below.

The third portion of morning meeting is sharing time.  We will soon start to incorporate a more formal sharing time for both groups at Crozet PlaySchool in the upcoming weeks.  I hope to capture some of my little ones as they slowly start to participate in morning meeting too!


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