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Crozet PlaySchool’s Open House 2013

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Crozet PlaySchool opened it’s doors this week to a wonderful group of children and families.  We have spent the better part of 2013 preparing, organizing, and creating a friendly and warm space for children to be a part of our school.  Although our environment will always be a work in progress.  It was very exciting to finally unveil our new classroom space at open house on Monday.  Children had fun looking around the classroom, finding pictures of their families, and adding a “leaf” thumbprint to our family tree. 

Some of our new classroom features are a brand new art studio for the kids.  It has an easy to clean floor that is perfect for our two new sensory tubs, two easels, and the art table.  It turned out great!


Here is a picture of Ellie right before open house exploring the new sand dough sensory bin.  The room still looks bare on the walls, but I am sure it will be overflowing with artwork very shortly.


Our sand dough bin was put together at open house for children and their parents to investigate and explore.  We filled it with home-made sand dough (1 part sand, 1 part flour, baby oil until it sticks together easily).  I also added some silver sea shells, natural shells, little scoops & spoons, along with some fun little cork treasure jars to fill up!  It was a huge hit!


I also placed a few of our learning trays on the tables for children to explore while they were walking around.  This a math tray that I put together using sand, sea shells, and pearl beads.  It is great for counting, sensory fun, and number concept development.  One of the older siblings jumped right in and started sorting pearls and counting sea shells!


Another new space in our room is our magnetic board.  It is actually an oil drip pan from Walmart, go figure?!  Cheap and fun!  I made some simple magnetic shapes, magnetic Popsicle sticks, magnetic pom poms, and each child’s name for some magnetic fun!


Here are some of our new tables and chairs, with the learning tray shelf in the background.  So much fun awaits these kids!


The first week re-cap will be coming later this weekend!  For now I am going to relax on this Friday afternoon after my first week of work!  Let’s celebrate!

One thought on “Crozet PlaySchool’s Open House 2013

  1. I hope this week went well! Your space is amazing!! I am sure everyone had fun!

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