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We have been busy getting ready for all of our kiddos in just a few short weeks!  My “to do” list has been quite long, but I am slowly getting lots of things ready for my preschool children.  One of the play items I made recently was this amazing drop box.  It actually was the box that brought our beautiful wooden tables and chairs!  I decided to keep it and see what fun things I could make with it.  I found this idea from Play at Home Mom, a blog that I love!  You simply cut different squares and shapes in the top of a cardboard box and provide different items for the children to drop in the open holes.  I made an alphabet section, a colors, shapes and numbers section.  I also painted stones different colors and letters with acrylic paint.  I covered them with Modge Podge to make them durable.  My children have loved manipulating the stones and dropping them in the different slots.

I can’t wait for the children to try this out soon!


Another simple idea that I found on Pinterest (I love pinterest) was a color sort using paint chips from the hardware store.  So simple and easy!  All you need is paint chips, clothespins, and a hot glue gun!  I really like that is shows all of the different variations of one color.  Sometimes we focus so much on the primary colors, and when I often watch Ellie painting she loves to mix up her colors.  This activity would really lend nicely to a painting or art lesson on color mixing!

I also created an Instagram account for the preschool.  You can find us at crozetplayschool on Instagram for even more updates about our new materials.  My own children have been giving them each a test run before they get used during the school year.  Some new additions to our classroom space have been wooden tree blocks, a large magnetic board, two large rectangular tables and chairs, two sensory tables, and our new flooring for the art studio will go in on Friday!  More pictures coming soon!  Stay tuned…

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